Synalloy Chemicals create our foam control offerings to maximize our ability to serve our customers. Our technical service team is available to assess our customer’s application and provide the best antifoam recommendation for their needs.

AIRONIL 200 NEW EBSA in Paraffinic Oil/Surfactant Blend
AIRONIL 200 W EBSA in Nap Oil/Surfactant Blend
AIRONIL 2721 EBSA /Silica in Paraffinic Oil/Surfactant Blend
AIRONIL CC-20 EBSA in Nap Oil/Surfactant Blend
AIRONIL PEX Predominantly EBSA with silica in Nap Oil/Surfactant Blend, meant to cut with water
ANTIFOAM 2056 Silica/Fatty alcohols/Fatty acid/surfactants
in Nap. Oil
DEFOAMER 5729 Predominantly Silica and a small amount of EBSA and dispersant in napthenic oil
DEFOAMER MC Water extended non siliconewith EBSA and Silica
ANTIFOAM 3 Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 5 Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 10 Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 10 FG Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 20 Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 20 FG Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 30L Silicone Emulsion
ANTIFOAM 200 Silicone Emulsion
 ANTIFOAM AFR Silicone Emulsion- Free rinsing
ANTIFOAM DB Silicone Emulsion- Free rinsing
ANTIFOAM G Silicone/Stearate Defoamer
ANTIFOAM SFB Silicone Defoamer/free rinsing
ANTIFOAM NS Fatty Alcohols/ Fatty Acid Surfactants
ANTIFOAM 2043 Silica filled PPG with emulsifier
DEFOAMER 5526 Water extended/thickened version
of Antifoam 2043
AF-820 Tall oil ester with Propylene Glycol
DEFOAMER XZ Silica (1%), Fatty Acid, alcohol, dispersant blend in mineral oil.
PPG 2025 DT Ditallate Ester of PPG-2025
DEFOAMER SOY Hydrophobized silica in Soybean Oil base with dispersing aid
DEFOAMER ECO Similar to Defoamer SOY, contains more emulsifiers/dispersants
AI 10909 BASE – Hydrophobized Silica in Napthenic Oil
AI 10909M BASE – Hydrophobized Silica in Paraffinic Oil
AIRONIL 700 N BASE – EBSA in Paraffinic Oil
AIRONIL 700 Special BASE – EBSA in Paraffinic Oil
ANTIFOAM 41 B BASE – Filled Silicone with hydrophobized silica
ANTIFOAM KI BASE – Filled Silicone with hydrophobized silica
AIRONIL 2025 Hydrophobized Silica in PPG-2025
EBSA-100 BASE – Ethylene Bis-Stearamide (EBSA)