Synalloy Chemicals manufactures a full line of products ranging from 5% to 100% active for use in many industrial applications including Water Treatment, Paper, Carpet, Textile, Metal Working, HI&I, Petroleum and Mining, Latex Additives and Agriculture.

Defoamer Description
Hydrophobized Silica in Oil Available as naphthenic & paraffinic versions for use in formulating non-silicone lubricants to enhance hold down properties.
Hydrophobized Silica in Dimethyl Fluid Available in a range of Dimethyl Silicone viscosities for use as a base component in formulating Silicone Defoamers for a variety of applications.
Ethylene Bistearamide Active ingredient in non-silicone defoamers to produce knock down effects.
Ethylene Bistearamide 5 mole EO Dispersible version of Ethylene Bistearamide. For use as a component in non-silicone defoamers, to produce knock down, but with improved free rinsing characteristics.
Aironil 700 Special 7% EBS in Paraffinic oil.
Aironil 700 N. 7% EBS in Naphthenic oil.
Aironil 100W Low cost, ready to use, non-silicone defoamer.
Aironil 200 Mod Concentrated, ready to use, non-silicone defoamer.
Antifoam 3 Low cost silicone defoamer.
Antifoam 10 10% active, silicone defoamer.
Antifoam 30L 30% active, silicone defoamer.
Antifoam B100 Oil-free blend of free-rinsing silicone and non-ionic emulsifier components.
Antifoam DB Free-rinsing silicone defoamer concentrate.
Antifoam SFB Conc Free-rinsing silicone compound for textile applications, emulsified under non-ionic conditions.
Antifoam 10 FG 10% silicone defoamer compounded with food-gradecomponents.
Antifoam 20 FG 20% silicone defoamer compounded with food-grade components.
Defoamer SOY Emulsified, Hydrophobized silica in vegetable oil.
Defoamer Eco Highly emulsified, Hydrophobized silica in vegetable oil for environmentally sensitive applications.