Toll Manufacturing

For over 30 years Manufacturers Chemicals has conducted contract manufacturing for chemical and marketing companies supplying a wide variety of industries both here in the US and overseas. We have both liquid and powder blending capabilities, which are complimented by our range of chemical reactions to produce intermediates and finished products.

We are strategically located in the Mid-south with access to nine major interstate highways within a two-hour radius. Our extensive equipment list and capacity enables us to handle large as well as small jobs quickly and efficiently. Our hot oil reactor capabilities for condensation reactions permit us to be a one-source toll provider. We offer a wide variety of in-house raw materials and our purchasing positions are what you expect from an industry leader.

We pride ourselves in fast turnaround of projects, quick scale up, and commercialization. Our laboratory equipment allows us to perform required testing in a highly efficient manner and our ISO 9001 certification guarantees consistency for our customers.

Whether it is a simple blend or a complex reaction involving multiple steps, we are prepared to engage our team to provide solutions to meet your company’s needs. Global chemical companies for textile, paper, HI&I, metalworking, and surface-active products make up a portion of our existing client base.